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I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have not settled down to the day’s major activity by 9:30 am, I’m doomed. The day is destined to fritter away and disappear through my fingers. Nine thirty may seem to many like still early in the day, but no, really, it isn’t. You see, it’s half way between nine and ten. (I know, Earth-shattering, no? Bear with me.) At nine, there are still so many opportunities for the day. It is the start of the proverbial “nine to five” measure of time. Four full hours until lunch time, in theory. But by 10 am, everything has changed. It is mid-morning. Lunchtime, really, is more like noon when one has breakfast at 7:30. Suddenly, at 10 am, it feels like one has to rush to get something done by lunchtime. At least, I do. So 9:30 is the breaking point, the point of no return.

Take this morning, for example. I came home from dropping K off at preschool, and decided I would get straight to work, but then I realized I really needed to water the porch plants because we’re having scorching weather, and the only convenient way to fill up the large watering can is to place it in in the sink, but of course the sink was full of breakfast dishes, so they needed to be moved into the dishwasher, but the dishwasher was full of clean dishes (again) so first I had to empty it. Familiar scenario. Then once the plants were watered I came back in and got annoyed that the back door was being semi-blocked by two bags of trash that needed to be taken down. So I took them downstairs, and got agitated by the over-grownness of the “garden.” Just to get around to the trash bins and pull them out, I had to to hack through a thick tangle of thorny weeds and dried, pokey lily stalks and overly tall, thin plants which happily released their spores as I brushed by, and pungent-smelling vines dripping with ominous pods. So I came back upstairs and got some gardening gloves and a clipper and ruthlessly trimmed the whole walk-way, which took half an hour, and because it was already extremely hot and muggy I got very sweaty, and so decided I needed to shower before I could get to work. Then I decided that perhaps I should first check in with my friend Amanda with whom I am supposed to get together with K after school, because if we end up doing something out of doors, I might as well wait until the evening to shower. So I called her, and got involved in a chat with her. When we hung up, I did shower, and by the time I sat down at my computer it was 10:15. And then I fell into the trap of checking the news (just until 10:30, ok?) and of course became side-tracked. And here we are at 11:35, and I teeter on the edge of throwing in the towel and setting about to attack one of the many and much needed house-reorganizing tasks, but NO! I will not. I can accomplish something in the next hour before lunch. Here I go. Whee!  (Wait, what are all these crumbs doing under the table? Don’t they need to be swept up?) But tomorrow, I’m at work at 9:00. For sure.

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