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I skipped the second one, in part because it was a busy week, and in part because I don’t think I managed to make anything particularly scintillating with the contents. But since my report on the first box resulted (strangely) in the most hits on this site (all very small-scale of course) in a single day, I figured I might as well post the following one. Plus I’m very excited for the food we are prepping for a gathering of friends at our place tomorrow which will feature many of the items.

Onions: we are inundated with them. Sweet Vidalia onions. Giving them away to friends and neighbors. However, I did use some with a good chard recipe. I liked that the recipe included chopping and using the chard ribs, which came out both sweet and slightly crunchy. Quick and yummy.

Green peppers: sliced and laid out on a bed of semi-cooked potatoes underneath a delightfully fresh haddock from the farmer’s market, then popped together in the oven as per this recipe, with charmoula sauce. A hit for everyone from age 13 months to… well, to the parents.

Chard: see Onions above.

Blueberries: the BEST recipe. Hand box to neighbor and, about two hours later, receive a tart. I suppose I could ask her for the recipe, but really, why?

Rhubarb: cooked down into a compote and served with pork tenderloin with a fennel seed and sage rub. Fabulous! The baby was all over this. And vice versa, by the time she was done.

Zucchini and summer squash: sliced lengthwise, tossed with olive oil, fleur de sel, fresh ground pepper and herbes de Provence, then roasted. Served with above-mentioned pork tenderloin.

Dandelion greens: Simple salad with feta and a lemon-based dressing. Thanks, Mark Bittman.

Watermelon (from a partner farm in Georgia): It has spent a few days hanging around our floor like the family pet, and serving as a toy for the baby, who derives great enjoyment out of thwacking it with both hands and watching it roll around. At the moment it is wearing her sun hat. (She also can spend long periods of time rummaging through our laundry basket, alternating between pulling our unmentionables out and then piling them back in, and occasionally pausing to chew on a sock. Don’t worry, this is laundry that has come out of the dryer. She actually doesn’t discrimate between the clean and the dirty, but her parents do draw the line somewhere.) Anyway, back to the watermelon. We’re expecting 16 children between the ages of 1 and 10 tomorrow (with accompanying responsible adults), and I suspect they’ll make short shrift of the watermelon.

Beet greens and collards: Being cooked down tomorrow morning with a large quantity of collards, according to a recipe titled “Your Mama’s basic greens” in Holy Smoke! The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue. Accompanying North Carolina pulled pork with Carolina dip and Carolina slaw, and home made BBQ sauce, all adapted from Holy Smoke. (It’s 9:30 pm and the smoker has been lit, in preparation for some overnight smokin’. The chef is trimming the pork butts, and punching some holes in an empty bean can to rig some kind of cover for the chimney in case the forecast of thunderstorms overnight ends up being accurate.) To be supplemented with grilled lemon-lime chicken, for those who for whatever reason have sworn off the pig.

Eggplant and fennel: waiting to be used.

Happy Fourth, folks.

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